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they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? stormy weather hits chicago once again ... hard rain and strong winds cause widespread damage in power outages throughout the city suburbs ... >>good afternoon i am steve sanders and tim dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>the storms have left hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without electricity at the latest count there are
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576,000 outages across the chicago area about half 253,000 are in the northern region west of the city 130,000 outages are reported there are about 105,000 homes and businesses without power in chicago in west suburban maywood and about 87,000 outages reported south of the city and the far north suburban war keegan about a hundred people had to evacuate their apartments after wind ripped off the roofs of two buildings at golf road and pine street elsewhere in waukegan at a church at pine grove was down lunch by the storm trees were knocked down at a golf course where another storm damage to weeks ago and winds were clocked at 100 mi. per hour at the waukegan airport where plans were overturned and hanger was damaged. in fast-moving storm early today brought heavy rain and wind up to 75 m.p.h. in the
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evanston arafat off trees and heavy winds downed power lines and also damaged apartments and houses in the area the weather in evanston also affected residents on their way to work one unlucky commuter was even trapped in her car when a tree fell across the road. >>42 buildings at northwestern university in the city of evanston are also reported to be without electricity no word when those less will come back on. >>and we are getting a lot of your photos of today's severe weather if you have good photos of the storms and damage that you would like to share you can send it to photos we have set up a photo gallery there 100 people are displaced after an early-morning fire severely damaging an apartment complex in west chicago randy belisomo hustler for port >>has the report.
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>>it was in the aspen ridge apartment complex ... >>firemen arrived four minutes after the call to see that the second-floor balcony is showing signs of fire that were vastly ascending to the roof >>the fire department rescue five people from second floor of balcony's before the situation escalated to six alarm blaze ... over 100 firefighters responded from faraway towns ... they were in defensive mode because it was a hard one to control >>it was on all three walls flores on the walls and ceilings and the roof around it ... it was not real visible we had to open it up and figure out where it was. >>many unit sustained damage but
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nobody got injured ... most are seeking shelter in the complex clubhouse. >>many are grateful because they know the scene like this could have had a far worse outcome. >>there was so much smoke it was a scary moment it was like a movie. >>residents say the cause of all this was a charcoal grill but it was not officially determined. >>the city's emergency dispatchers are grieving today after one of their own was killed in an accident yesterday the 16 year-old driver work is never charged with murder judy wang has the report >>marcie adkins was the most
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positive person according to co- workers that they would ever want to work with. >>outside the office of emergency management the flag is flying at half staff inside a special set of lights are being left on for a co-worker >>we are remembering her she always had a smile for year never never an angry word. >>the 42 year-old bucktown woman was heading home after an overnight shift sunday morning police were attendingattempting to catch a stolen range rover ... the car in pursued slammed into the
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victim's car >>grief counselors are at the workplace. >>this is something people will have to get over one day at a time >>we don't blame the police they were doing their job we thank them for showing her the respect ... she gave a lot to the zone that she worked for she respected those officers. >>she leaves behind an eight year-old daughter. >>chicago police had not filed any charges in the deadly hit and run that happened on the city's west side davide bunch was killed when he had a car at
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jackson and homan and early sunday morning he was waiting for a cta boss with his girlfriend when the car struck him last night police took a suspect into custody but no other details have been released. a violent weekend around chicago with more than a dozen people shot one of them and eight year-old boy treyvon robinson was playing with friends the front yard of his home in the 7100 block of south wood st. saturday night and shots rang out who shot the stomach and rush to comer children's hospital doctors operated to remove a 22 carol burke bullet train on is expected to be discharged later this week please do not have anyone in custody >>more than one dozen people may have known of the abuse suffered by a child who was murdered and buried in a trailer park 13 year-old christian choate was found in a shallow grave behind as mobile home in gary indiana last may investigators say that his father riley and his
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stepmother beat him and kept a minute cage for years before he died in 2009 the times of munster now reports more than 13 people knew of the abuse kept quiet about it that number included neighbors and people live inside the home rally choate and kimberly kubina face murder charges >>governor quinn is breathing a little easier to enact that illinois is 13 now that that $31 billion public-works program has been saved the state supreme court amasa sided with the state over a bill that allows illinois to use taxes on video poker alcohol and other things to pay for the projects ... >>the state's action stems from a lawsuit filed by catholic charities ... they are trying to
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stop the state from allowing adoptions for parents joined by civil unions ... >>we have more coming ups my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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president obama is hosting congressional leaders at the white house again today they are trying to work out a deal on raising the nation's debt ceiling right now the government cannot borrow more than 14.3 trillion dollars if the treasury department says of the debt ceiling isn't raised by august 2nd if it could trigger a partial default. republicans are demanding expanding cuts in
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exchange for raising the borrowing limit the president says it's vital to reach a deal as soon as possible ... >>we are risking a default on our obligations because we can't put politics aside. >>we are not in this boat because america taxes too little we're in the boat because america spends it too much. >>a default could lead to skyrocketing interest rate and a falling u.s. dollar. >>u.s. troops under attack and iraq and the secretary of defense is handing offsounding off. leon panetta is visiting iraq were more than a dozen americans were killed in june and three more this month he says the u.s. cannot stand back and allow the attacks to continue to go after
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shiite militia groups american personnel are scheduled to withdraw from iraq at the end of the year although iraqi leaders are debating on whether not to ask for an extended stay. >>tensions continue between united states and pakistan the white house is now holding back a hundred million dollars in foreign-aid government officials have not been satisfied with pakistan's role in the fight against terrorists in that area the relationship was strained more with the u.s. found and killed a some of bin laden's without alerting pakistan's government first osama bin laden was hiding in a compound near a pakistan military complex >>at least a dozen troops were killed today and another 30 injured in an explosion at a cyprus naval base according to that nation's news agency the report monitions on a cargo ship caught fire the explosion knocked out power at the island's largest electrical
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plant knocking out electricity to a third of the nation roads in and out of the naval base have been cut off no reports on what started the fire. the death toll from one of india's worst train accidents has now climbed to at least 64 more than 350 people were injured yesterday when the train derailed in northern india authorities say the train jumped the tracks when the engineer pulled the emergency brake to avoid having some cows on the tracks several cars piled on top of each other and one was from several feet from the rest of the train the death toll is expected to climb is more dictums get pulled from the wreckage >>a least 55 people and no confirmed dead after an overloaded ship sank in russia a pleasure cruise was on the volga river yesterday when it started to go down passengers say it happened so quickly the crude and have time to pull out lifeboats off some passengers jumped into the water. there were about 200 people on board at the time including several children but chip capacity was
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at 150 russian authorities said that the ship did have a license to carry passengers in its left engine was damaged about 80 passengers have been rescued but others are still missing. >>registration for tickets to visit the september 11th world trade center memorial go on sale today at the memorial design features to record what pools with towers once stood a 30 ft. waterfall cascading down the footprint memorial architect michael arad says that both pools are ready to go and memorial waterfalls are currently being tested the 911 memorial is scheduled to open for family members on september 11, 2011 and for the public on september 12th we will be right backitst
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i am angie lau of bloomberg news ... to the markets at this
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hour stocks are continuing to drop investors are continuing to be worried about european debt issues ... j.p. morgan chase and bank of america are also affected ... president barak obama plans to meet every day with congressional leaders between now and the deadline for that debt ceiling decision >>he will continue to push for the largest possible deal before signing anything on the debt ceiling. >>under the new health care law the tax on tanning is costing the industry millions of dollars driving many out of the business ... netflix is hoping
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to lure new subscribers they are offering unlimited deifieddvd betterby mail offers to counter the punch of online streaming and downloads ... >>according to reports in the wall street journal it will become easier for online retailers and crude coupon issuers to track consumer spending ... the chicago-based company groupon sent notices to users over the weekend saying it
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may be collecting information about your whereabouts if you allow information sharing for your smart phone devices ... the personal information collected is anonymous and very suspicioussuspecspecific. >>the robbery rate on cta buses and trains is up and the police know why it has to do with smart phones authorities say the kids distilling the phones in most cases apple i funds so-called apple picking is being blamed for 23% increase in cta robbery is the stolen phones can bring a robber's as much as $200 upon stores officials warned writers to keep their smart phones and out of sight. >>there is a brand new player in
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the energy game for chicago residents.. we already have a pipe open between the two connected companies facebook and skype ... is there enough room for facebook or group: and the social networking camgoogle and the social networking videoconference call camegame.. those who have tried it
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like the google + heading out chat there is a brand new player in the energy game for chicago residents naperville based nycor electric will begin offering power later this month. the new service comes as it at a time when commonwealth edison is facing other competitors. according to the chicago sun- times when customers switch to blue star energy is saving close to $50 per month so far tens of thousands of people left commonwealth edison that's pure than the to perfect 0.5% of its 3.4 million residential customers in northern illinois ... we will be right back..
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she spent 18 years in captivity ... jaycee dugard broke her silence in an interview with abc news that aired last night ... while in captivity she gave birth to two children with her captor phillip garrido who has been sentenced to four under and 45 years in prison ... >>she was found in 2009 after an question and wonder if you ever be reunited with her family. >>the last things i touched the last trip on me this is now a symbol of hope and new beginnings and the thought that
12:26 pm
there is life after something tragic. >>her new book a stolen life comes out tomorrow. >>the scandal-plagued news of the world comes out published its last issue yesterday after workers were accused of attacking voice mails of murdered victims and terrorist victims ... >>despite credit-tocredibility issue supporters said the maid who accused dominique strauss sexual assault should get her day in court. at least a dozen community groups and activists and religious leaders in new york city are getting behind made and asking the district
12:27 pm
attorney to press on with the case amata's also accused of telling her boyfriend after the attack that she was ok and that her attacker had a lot of money lawyers for the former international monetary fund chief said he wants to accept a plea bargain and won't plead guilty to any thing former first lady betty ford will be remembered tomorrow and a private memorial service in california they for died from natural causes friday at the age of 93 her family will hold a private memorial tomorrow with eulogies from former first lady rosalynn carter and news commentator cokie roberts. the public is invited to a public visitation in the afternoon. her body will then be flown to grand rapids michigan where she will be buried next your husband former president gerald ford. >>nasa officials are now saying that the international space station and the space shuttle atlantis are not in danger from orbiting space debris after all
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we are cleaning up after the latest big storm to hit chicago land ... i was looking at the calumet harbor water level gauge the lake level dropped 6 in. as the
12:31 pm
squall line had moving 60 mi. per hour but we will see a rise in the water levels there will be a watch on through 1:00 p.m. today ... there were a lot of things going airborne today we are looking at the folio of photographs sent in by our viewers ... this may be one of the biggest storm related power outages in commonwealth edison history one of the biggest. the only benefit of this formstorm is that it brought rain which we needed. the heat will be pulling
12:32 pm
back for a couple of days ... but this weekend into early next week may be the biggest heat wave we have this summer. we are down 13 degrees ... we're going into a light variable wind regime ...
12:33 pm
these storms when up to 57,000 ft.hent up t 57,000 ft.. i had someone right and from fox lake we had a report of someone tying down under a bridge ... these are city locations for
12:34 pm
wind gusts the highest was registered at 76 mi. per hour. this was a widespread event. we're not ready to bring the sun back again to reheat the air we may get another severe thunderstorm this afternoon. we have the heat advisory to the south ...
12:35 pm
the big storms are off to the east of us but there are a few starting to fire with the atmosphere destabilizing once again the storm prediction center indicates that we may see a redirection of storms in the southern suburbs ... a banned of storms will develop later today in the area coming through ... temperatures are coming down
12:36 pm
... we may get into the '70s on wednesday and the humidity will be lower so we will have some nice weather when all this passes us. the high will be 83 degrees this afternoon. that will be the same for tomorrow but the humidity will continue to drop we will have sunny cool breeze you whether 78 degrees by wednesday.
12:37 pm
>>but that won't stick around for long because it will reheat over the weekend ... it's time for today's trivia: on this day in 1914, babe ruth made his major-league debut. what was his annual rookie salary with the boston red sox? the answer is still ahead at noon every day you live with the
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or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make today the day you talk to your rheumatologist. and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. it's time for sports ... aramis ramirez has declined an invitation to be an all star. he was asked to be an injury replace and yesterday morning but by that time he said it was
12:40 pm
just too late. he had plans to join his family in the dominican republic >>big third inning for pittsburgh already won nothing when neil walker sends one to the wall all five were minorities one run scored on the double the next batter it is andrew mccutcheon just added to the all-star team himself ... dead center for a three run homer on ... ortiz charged with six runs in four innings the cubs lost 9-118 games under 0.500 the second worst record in major league baseball ... the white sox down 3-0 to minnesota in the fifth rene tosoni singles in another run that was it for jake peavy he gave up five runs in a foreign a third it 6-3 with one out in the ninth man on for mark t. hand and he
12:41 pm
grants into the double play the white sox lose dropped 3 1/4 to the minnesota twins but still five games back in the central division ... >>good news for football fans it's looking more and more like the national football league as a new labor deal espn is reporting the collective bourn bargaining agreement could be ratified at a july 21st honors meeting that means teams would have to training camp on time for 2011 season the bears are scheduled play the rams on august 7th with the nfl's hall of fame game which is the league's first preseason game of the year ... >>and here are today's lottery numbers ... >>the winning picked three numbers are 399. the winning picks for numbers
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are four numbers are 0 7 0 9 get your self lotto tickets and make millions where the jackpot will be three and 24 mayan dollars respectively itst
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mayor emanuel in is reining in spending by cutting the number of government credit cards used by city agencies. the published
12:45 pm
reports as the 500 credit cards will be reduced to just 30. the mayor is also banning petty cash this comes after a review found that employees used the cards to paris like camera tickets gaffes and expensive dinners the investigation led to the ouster of the chiefs of the chicago housing authority and the chicago park district five credit cards will be issued to executives at six different agencies this purchases will be posted every month >>two new studies from the american academy of pediatrics looked at exposure to secondhand smoke and its effect on children's learning behavior's and their attitudes one study found that children exposed to secondhand smoke and a 50 percent increased risk of developing a ph.d. and learning disabilities on a positiveng adhd
12:46 pm
and learning disabilities on a positive not a second study looked at children aged 8 to 13 who lived in houses with at least one adult smokers around 70 percent describe the smell of cigarette smoke as unpleasant or gross and less likely to begin had some breeds of dogs are known as hypoallergenic but researchers say that they're not really less allergic the researchers collected dust samples from a carpet or floor of a newborn baby's room in over 171 t then analyzed the samples for dog allergens they reported the so- called hypoallergenic dogs did not have lower hassled and allergic levels than the other dogs did the study involved 60 breeds of dogs including 11 that are considered hypoallergenic ... and children under age five should exercise for these three hours a day new government guidelines suggest that babies should be taken swimming and
12:47 pm
toddlers walking for this 15 minutes researchers say it's critical considering an earlier quarter of four and five year- old are overweight or obese by 2015 this could apply for 3063% of all children and the mother gave birth to a little bundle of joy who was anything but little ja michael brown weighed in at 16 lbs. when he was born at a texas hospital on friday his father michael brown says he's getting used to his son's nickname moves brown says that he sees a football career in the boy's future his mother is also making decisions about the family's future ... he was born with high blood sugar and they're checking the record books to see if this was the largest baby ever born ... woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk.
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chef phil frederic and from o'brien's restaurant in old town is here with us ... we are going to learn how to make those gourmet burgers >>start your grill ahead of time give it 20 minutes to get really hot ... you need a good krill brushd grill brush.. get those crates nice and clean
12:51 pm
take a towel debt it and some olive oil and brush the grill. this will help from having the meat stick. i boiled corn in salted water and it is fully cooked you shocked that with ice water at the end of cooking ...
12:52 pm
i am going to do two or three minutes on each side and rolled the corn over the hot grill for that smoky flavor. you want to see fat content in the meat of the burger ... kosher salt works better with some pepper season the burger on both sides.
12:53 pm
bring the lid down on the grill that will help to cook things faster. to finish off the berger i have are rugalachurger i have arugula... baby arugula.. for a peppery taste
12:54 pm
and this is white truffle oil ... this confuses a beautiful mushroom flavor use it sparingly it is very expensive. i am going to top the burger with shaved parmesan ... we
12:55 pm
serve as our burgers with pretzel buns.. this role holds upl holds up.. o'brien's old town location is at 1528 north wells there're river walk location is it wabash and wacker
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or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? time now for the answer to today's trivia question: on this day in 1914 babe ruth made his major-league debut what was babe ruth's annual rookie salary with the boston red sox ... the
12:58 pm
answer is $2,900.60 years later he signed with the yankees for 125,000 we're gonna look at a time lapse review of that storm that amazing storm that went through here this morning ... we may have another wave of storms it appears coming this afternoon sell-off of the axis of the northern suburbs this winter here with 75 mi. per hour wind gusts ... this thing has laid down damage across hundreds of miles of terrain from iowa across northern illinois and southern wisconsin and michigan and northern indiana it is currently making its way through northern ohio.
12:59 pm
the high pressure that comes in tomorrow will push heat and humidity away from us for a couple of days that will bring us comfortable temperatures with low humidity. once that passes through it will really get warm ... the allergy factors are moderate to low for today ... we are looking at some big heat developing for the weekend the 7 day forecast shows you what is happening we will be into the 90s this coming weekend >>
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